The Cotton Shoppe Website is Finally Live

Thank you for supporting my blog and following my crafting/sewing journey since 2011.  Happy to announce that my new website has finally gone live!  I know this has taken an incredibly long time due to work and family commitments, and taken a back seat since the onset of COVID19.  However, I’ve been working very hard on the website development and prioritised this super arduous project over other commitments. and so glad it’s finally ready to go live.  Check it out now at

The website is still far from being complete.  For Phase I of the launch, I have prioritised to get the fabrics section all up and going.  That means all our favourite Japanese fabrics from nani IRO, Kokka, Echino, Muddy Works, Keshiki and more are finally available for sale under one roof!  Although I’ve been selling fabrics over the past 5 years in my Etsy store, nothing beats having a dedicated website for branding purposes and a place I can finally home all my products for a better user experience.

Besides fabrics, you can also find handmade products such as fabric masks, Liberty London Collections, customised baby blankets and baby rompers.  More product categories will be coming your way soon over the next few months.  Appreciate everyone’s patience as I work hard on conceptualization and production of more new products, so they can be listed on the website soon!

As with any new website, glitches and bugs are common.  While I’m still working with my developer to iron out some minor issues, we are also thinking of ways to enhance the features of the website.  If you encounter any technical issues in the website, or have suggestions on how to improve it, feel free to click on the live chat button on the website, or email us at  We welcome any feedback, good or bad!

To celebrate the launch of the website, we will be running special promotional events over the coming months.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of sales or updates.  Subscribers will receive a special 10% voucher for the first order, so hit the “Subscribe Now” button!

Thank you for checking out our new website and see you on the other side soon!

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