Quilted Tote Bag

It’s been a long while since I last updated my blog with my crafts and projects.  Yes, I’m still sewing and crafting!  It’s just such a crazy period since Christmas, preparing for my craft markets and preparing my girls for a new school year!  Now that things have started to settle down around here, I reckon it’s also high time i start blogging again!
Over the past few months, I’ve had such a crazy time sewing items for sale in the craft markets, that I had no time to dedicate to projects I love.  Kind of depressing at times!

Nonetheless, I’ve started to work on my existing projects again.  Just quilted a tote bag over the long Chinese New Year holidays.  It’s something I’ve been wanting to do and own and how best to achieve this than sewing it myself!  The bag was pieced together from the Lily & Will jelly roll, one of the prettiest fabric collection I own!  I was just so glad I’ve managed to find a free pattern from Modabakeshop which seemed easy enough for my first tote bag.

The process was not totally smooth-sailing though.  It all went well until the final steps where I had to sew borders for the inner seams.  Due to thickness of the wadding, it caused a bulk at the four corners, making it difficult to turn inside out.  I eventually snipped off all corners and sewed the binding 1/4″ from each end, rather than sew all the way to the end.  I also tried to prevent overlapping the corners where the seams meet when I sewed on the bindings.  These measures seemed to help alleviate the problems!

Though the completed project was not 100% perfect and flawless, it didn’t look too bad for a first-timer!  :)

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