Handphone Cover – Completed!

I’ve completed the “Cell Phone Cuties” today, after working on it for a few weekends. As easy as it seemed, it’s by no means an easy feat for me! This is the first time I attempted a rounded bias binding, took me quite a while to figure that out. But I was really glad it turned out pretty good!
Tried out a pintuck for the first time too, didn’t turn out perfect. But I sort of figured out where it went wrong…will try harder the next time. Other firsts included my attempt in making fabric buttons. I was quite annoyed at first as I couldn’t find the fabric button kit in local craft stores like Spotlight. However, I bought a whole box of 24 buttons at Daiso for $2! Good deal! I envisioned there must be a way to get them done without the kit & finally found some instructions online.  Made a few extras for use in other sewing & craft projects. 
I had wanted to sew buttonholes for the cover strap with the buttons but it was a failure! Just couldn’t sew the buttonholes for some reason. I think it was because the strap was too thick & my machine couldn’t handle that. Well, will try to figure that out & try harder the next time!
But overall, I’m happy with what I’ve got! It’s a tad too huge for my iphone 5 though, think it would fit an S3 or S4 better. Hope to be able to make a few more as gifts for friends & to sell in my newly set up Etsy store. 
What do u think?

Finally completed my pinwheel log cabin quilt top

I was working on a quilt for the Singapore Quilt Challenge “Striptease” over the past two months and finally finished piecing the top yesterday.  I also basted it last night and now it’s all ready to be machine quilted!

This pretty quilt top measures 35″x35″ and has charming pinwheels surrounded by log cabin blocks.  It’s my first attempt quilting a log cabin quilt and I’m quite pleased with the results, though there are always room for improvements.  I used charm squares from Fig Tree’s “Fig and Plum” and honeybun from Fig Tree’s “Fresh Cottons” for the top.  Love the colour combination and soft look of how it all turned out!

The “Striptease” quilt challenge will be held on 26 October and I have exactly two months to finish quilting and binding!  Very tight timeline for completion but I will try my best to work towards the deadline.

Finished pinwheel log cabin quilt top

Quilt Challenge in Singapore

There’s an upcoming Quilt Challenge in Singapore in October and the theme is “Striptease”.  The terms and conditions state that the quilt should be pieced by strips not wider than 2.5″ and it should not be larger than a single bed size.

This is probably the first time I’ve heard of a quilt show in Singapore and I’m participating!  With my amateur skills, I know I’ll probably not win anything but decided to go for it anyway for the fun of it and to meet and learn from fellow quilters.

I happen to have a few jelly rolls/honey buns on hand, so that’s what I’ll use for my quilt.  Finally they could be put to good use!

I was thinking about my quilt design and finally decided on this pretty pinwheel quilt which I saw in the Moda Bake Shop:


It’s pretty and simple enough to piece together.  With my limited time, I definitely can’t go for any complicated designs.  Not forgetting I only have four more months to work on it!

Here’s my WIP – what I have completed so far:

Squares cut from my honey bun and charm squares, ready to be pieced
Here’s the completed pinwheel blocks – 25 in total
Arranging one of the pinwheel blocks with the log cabin borders

I’m using the “Fresh Cottons” honey bun and “Fig and Plum” charm squares for this quilt – all from my favourite Fig Tree Quilts.  The finished size is 35″ x 35″.

I’ve finished arranging five blocks as of last night – 20 more to go!  It’s not easy to match the pinwheel blocks to the appropriate log cabin borders and this is where it gets all exciting!  This is such a fun quilt to work on and I can’t wait to complete it, so I’ll be in time to submit it for the quilt show.