Progress of Mug Rug Swap

My progress wasn’t as fast as expected for the two mug rugs as I’ve been ill since last week and was suffering from back pain, which doesn’t allow me to sew for long periods.  Having to cope with tutoring the kids for their mid-year exams didn’t help too.  :(

I’m however working on the hand appliques for the Flower Basket Mug Rug top now, as I’ve completed the Growing Flowers Mug Rug top last week.  What’s left is actually to quilt and bind the mug rug.

I’ve unfortunately missed the deadline to mail the mug rugs which is today!  I’ve just emailed my swap partner to explain the situation and hope she understands.  Working on it really hard now, so I can mail it out by next week.

Here’s some snapshots on what I’ve completed so far:

Completed Growing Flowers Mug Rug Top

Completed Growing Flowers Mug Rug Top

Flower Basket Mug Rug Appliqued Top

Flower Basket Mug Rug Appliqued Top

Birth Announcement – Melly

After a long labour of 8 hours, Melly was finally born to Mummy Vivien, to the delight of all present!  Here’s her birth announcement:

Date of birth: 29 August 2013
Time of birth: 0115 hrs
Height: 20cm
Weight: 128g
Waist: 11″

Welcome to the world, my darling Melly!  :)

What the Hoot!

I’m always fascinated with owls, especially cute stuffed owls. How best to satisfy this owl-craze of mine than making one myself!  I recently bought a quilting book which comes with an owl toy pattern, with easy to follow instructions. Seems manageable as it’s my first attempt making a stuffed toy. 

The pattern uses the applique method & some simple sewing. I’ve finished cutting up the shapes and piecing the appliqués together using the fusible web method. 
This is Melly the Owl and it says “Hi”! :)