My First Dressmaking Project – Success!

I’ve been working hard at Project Anna Grace over the past few days. I finally completed it today, faster than I thought!

This really isn’t as hard as I thought. It’s my first dressmaking project, and I’m so proud of myself that it’s a success! It’s not without obstacles though. At the beginning, I had to resew the triangles because I had misinterpreted the instructions! But I’m so glad I managed to overcome the hurdle and got things sorted out. Even some cutting instructions were wrong and I had to readjust the dimensions of the fabrics. Glad this didn’t get in my way too!

Here’s what I had done over the past three days…a pretty little creation fit for a special princess!

Project Anna Grace

I’ve been wanting to stretch my quilting & sewing skills further, and how best to get it done with this darling project for a lucky angel named Anna Grace (aka AG). AG is the 1-year-old princess of my good friend Pearly and I’ve decided to sew a little skirt for her as Christmas present. Found a pretty skirt design in my favourite blog Moda Bake Shop entitled “Banner Day Skirt” which seemed simple enough for my mediocre dressmaking skills.

Hope it can be done in time for Christmas!

Here’s what I’ve sewn so far. The pretty hem for the skirt made up of colourful triangles.