Singapore Quilt Challenge 2011

Finally the day I’ve been waiting for is here – the Singapore Quilt Challenge 2011!  I’ve been slogging and pushing myself to complete my quilt, and I’m so glad I managed to complete it last Saturday…phew!  Despite countless problems with machine quilting on my Janome, I feel so blessed that my quilt made it for the quilt challenge.

My!  The event at the British Club was a total eye-opener for me, it being the first quilt show I’ve attended and the first time I’m submitting a quilt for a competition.  And no, I’m definitely not looking forward to winning as I know there’ll be many more gorgeous quilts on display.  It’s really the experience and opportunity to network with fellow quilters that kept me on my toes.

True enough, there were so many charming quilts on display I was at a loss for words!  These are some of the winners:

This quilt named “Chinese Lantern” is my personal favourite and it’s no surprise that it emerged as first prize winner!

This gorgeous quilt came in 2nd place.  Tones of orange were cleverly pieced together with simple applique shapes, winning votes from many quilters.
This is also one of my favourite quilts on display.  I love how the applique design creates an added dimension, giving it a well-deserved 3rd prize.
This quilt won a special commendable prize.  I love how the cubes gave the entire quilt a 3D feel.

Yet another simple quilt which won a special commendable prize.  I love how the hues of neutrals and blues turn out.
Another quilt which won a special commendable prize.  Using only strips, the quilter has effectively allowed the flowers to stand out in her creation.

This is my quilt named “Summer Pinwheels” which I submitted for the quilt challenge.  Sadly, I think it looks so inferior compared to the rest of the gorgeous quilts on display!  Thank God my name wasn’t displayed.  LOL!

Here’s some of the other beautiful quilts on display.  I think every quilter is a winner in today’s challenge, as we’ve all put in lots of effort and time in our creations.

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