Scraps of Love

As mentioned in my earlier posting, I’ve recently completed a single-size bed quilt for Edith.  This took me a long 3 years to complete!  LOL.  The reason why it took so long was because I was always caught up with work and family commitments along the way and couldn’t work on it all the time.  There was a lapse of 1 year in 2009 where I didn’t touch it at all, though it was all basted and ready to be machine quilted.  During this lapse, I was practicing my machine quilting as I was totally new to it (all my previous quilts were hand quilted).  Couldn’t see myself hand-quilting this one as it was huge and would take me forever!  Even though it was just sewing straight lines with the walking foot, I was procrastinating a lot as I didn’t have the confidence to sew on the real quilt, for fear of ruining it. 
The finished quilt measures 54 x 86 inches.  Took the pattern from one of Debbie Mumms’ quilt books entitled “Ric Rac”.  It was pieced together with my fabric scraps and fat quarters using all triangles.  I love this pattern as it was easy to piece together and colourful and brightens up my children’s room.
During the process, I was often frustrated and discouraged as it was my first time handling a big quilt.  Spent hours of frustrations “wrestling” with the quilt on my domestic sewing machine when machine quilting.  I even told myself that this will be the first and last time I’m sewing a big quilt!  However, after completing this huge project, the satisfaction and joy I received was exhilarating and beyond description!  Especially seeing the smiles on Edith when she saw it finally completed.  Now I’m planning to work on another bed quilt for Eponine.  Gonna finish up on some outstanding projects, then embark on my next big project.
I was thinking hard of a name for the quilt and finally came up with “Scraps of Love”.  It represents bits and pieces of my unconditional love for Edith, just like how the quilt was being pieced together using scraps.  I really hope that this could be a heirloom that could be passed down from generations to generations!
Edith & Eponine snuggled up comfortably in the new bed quilt

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