Project Hungry Caterpillar (Day 1)

I finally got started on Project Hungry Caterpillar after cutting up the fabrics according to their required sizes.  Step 1 is to sew the borders to the two beautiful panels, which I completed a few days ago.  The panels are huge…measuring 24″ x 24″ each.

Here’s how they look like:

Next step : Sewing log cabin blocks to the caterpillar print fabric.

Can’t wait to see how this fun quilt will turn out!  Will be updating my blog as I go along.

More Quilting Projects in the Making

Besides Project Hungry Caterpillar, I have intention to complete some small projects this year, to take the stress off my mind of quilting big and complex projects.  For this purpose, I signed up the Sweet Sue’s Sewing Club with Shabby Fabrics in Sept last year.  This is a five-month club with pretty little projects such as sewing machine cover, ironing board cover, roll-up notions case, tote bag and tabletop caddy.  

Starting January 2012, a kit consisting of all fabrics and notions for the project would be mailed to me every month.  So far, I’ve received kits for the sewing machine cover, ironing board cover and roll-up notions case.  However, I’ve not started on any of them!  :(  I must really make it a commitment to get started pretty soon, so my money doesn’t go to waste!

Here’s the fabrics for these pretty projects:

Pattern book for January – sewing machine cover & other pretty projects  
Fabrics for sewing machine cover
Pattern for ironing board cover – February

Fabrics for the ironing board cover
Pattern and fabrics for roll-up notions case – March

Project Hungry Caterpillar

It’s being a looooong time since I started on a new quilting project, as I’ve been really bogged down with work and family commitment.  So long that I felt really guilty about it and had this constant urge to sew again!

So here I am…..with my new project – Project Hungry Caterpillar.  This quilt is specially dedicated to my daughter Eponine.  She has loved “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” story by Eric Carle since she was a baby and still keeps the board book with her, though she’s already 10 this year.  Therefore, when I saw this collection and kit from Andover Fabrics, I knew that I had to make it for her!  This would be the most perfect gift for her, as a cherished childhood memory for many years to come.

This is gonna be my “biggest” project by far, a single quilt measuring 64″ x 92″!  The two panel blocks measure 24″ x 24″ each.  I’m not even sure how I could fit this huge quilt under my machine but I’ll figure it out somehow.

There are so many fabrics to cut it took me almost five nights in a row!  I actually made a mistake cutting up one of the fabrics and realised it too late that there’s not enough!!!  Arrrgggghhhhh….good grief still carries the fabrics, so I could at least purchase extra.

Cut up fabrics for Project Hungry Caterpillar – ready to be pieced!

Looking forward to completing this new exciting project!  I’m not sure how long it would take but I hope to be able to complete it by 2013 Christmas!  LOL

Charmed Living Runner

I’ve finally completed my Charmed Living Runner, just in time for spring!  Love the cheery and whimsical colour combination.  This project was started in 2010 but I didn’t have time to complete it until now as there were a couple of other quilts I was working on. 

This runner was in fact a very simple one to piece together as the top was completed just over a weekend.  Using just a pack of charm squares from Moda “Nature Chorus”, it made putting the blocks together very easy as the colours and patterns are already in cohesion.  A perfect project for people just getting started in quilting!

For the top, I machine quilted the sandwich together using my favourite meandering design.

For detailed instructions, pls refer to the url below: 

Completed table runner using charm squares

Closeup of blocks

Closeup of quilting using meandering design

Singapore Quilt Challenge 2011

Finally the day I’ve been waiting for is here – the Singapore Quilt Challenge 2011!  I’ve been slogging and pushing myself to complete my quilt, and I’m so glad I managed to complete it last Saturday…phew!  Despite countless problems with machine quilting on my Janome, I feel so blessed that my quilt made it for the quilt challenge.

My!  The event at the British Club was a total eye-opener for me, it being the first quilt show I’ve attended and the first time I’m submitting a quilt for a competition.  And no, I’m definitely not looking forward to winning as I know there’ll be many more gorgeous quilts on display.  It’s really the experience and opportunity to network with fellow quilters that kept me on my toes.

True enough, there were so many charming quilts on display I was at a loss for words!  These are some of the winners:

This quilt named “Chinese Lantern” is my personal favourite and it’s no surprise that it emerged as first prize winner!

This gorgeous quilt came in 2nd place.  Tones of orange were cleverly pieced together with simple applique shapes, winning votes from many quilters.
This is also one of my favourite quilts on display.  I love how the applique design creates an added dimension, giving it a well-deserved 3rd prize.
This quilt won a special commendable prize.  I love how the cubes gave the entire quilt a 3D feel.

Yet another simple quilt which won a special commendable prize.  I love how the hues of neutrals and blues turn out.
Another quilt which won a special commendable prize.  Using only strips, the quilter has effectively allowed the flowers to stand out in her creation.

This is my quilt named “Summer Pinwheels” which I submitted for the quilt challenge.  Sadly, I think it looks so inferior compared to the rest of the gorgeous quilts on display!  Thank God my name wasn’t displayed.  LOL!

Here’s some of the other beautiful quilts on display.  I think every quilter is a winner in today’s challenge, as we’ve all put in lots of effort and time in our creations.

Finally completed my pinwheel log cabin quilt top

I was working on a quilt for the Singapore Quilt Challenge “Striptease” over the past two months and finally finished piecing the top yesterday.  I also basted it last night and now it’s all ready to be machine quilted!

This pretty quilt top measures 35″x35″ and has charming pinwheels surrounded by log cabin blocks.  It’s my first attempt quilting a log cabin quilt and I’m quite pleased with the results, though there are always room for improvements.  I used charm squares from Fig Tree’s “Fig and Plum” and honeybun from Fig Tree’s “Fresh Cottons” for the top.  Love the colour combination and soft look of how it all turned out!

The “Striptease” quilt challenge will be held on 26 October and I have exactly two months to finish quilting and binding!  Very tight timeline for completion but I will try my best to work towards the deadline.

Finished pinwheel log cabin quilt top

My New Sewing Corner (Con’td)

Over the past month, I’ve been keeping myself busy organising my new sewing corner and quilting in this beautiful little haven of mine.  Here’s more photos on how it looks now…

My sewing corner with ironing station and Arrow Sewnatra all set up
A closer look at how my sewing station looks like
I love this cottage style glass cabinet where my fabric stash is kept
My fabric stash and craft books all neatly stacked
This is the Arrow Sewnatra sewing cabinet which I had shipped from USA
My sewing corner looks neat and tidy when the Sewnatra is compressed
Not only is it functional, the Sewnatra adds on to the cottage look in my room with its shutter door!

This sewing corner is really a dream come true for me…finally I have my own dedicated corner for quilting and crafting.  Thank God I’ve not been quilting for many years, hence I do not have a huge fabric stash and notions to organise.  In fact, there’s lots of room for more fabric sprees!  :)  I hope this room would stay as neat as now many years down the road.