Our first flea market

Public Garden will be organising a series of Christmas flea markets in November & December and I’ve just made my booking for a booth. The details are as follows:

Date: 7, 8, 14 & 15 Dec
Time: 1 – 7pm
Venue: TripleOne Somerset Level 16

This is really exciting for me as it’s my first time participating in a flea market! In fact, I’ve been busy preparing for the flea market over the past few weeks, sewing & crafting items for sale. Some items I’m creating include mug rugs, stuffed toys & fabric accessories.

It’s lots of hard work but great fun too! Good way to motivate myself to create more handmade items for my new Etsy store too. My girls are helping me with the handmade accessories and packaging, while I focus on items which require quilting & sewing. It’s also a good way to exercise their creativity and inject some entrepreneurship into them!

Watch this space for our updates & progress! 

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