Our First Attempt at Scrapbooking

I’ve been admiring scrapbooking albums & projects done by crafters and thinking about whether I should start this new hobby.  For the past few years, I’ve been stopping myself for the following reasons:

1. No time to engage a new hobby as quilting takes up all my free time
2. Not enough budget to spend on scrapbooking materials as I spend most of my pocket money on fabrics
3. No space at home to store more crafting materials

However, as this is the school vacation and my girls have been nudging me to start them on scrapbooking, I finally gave in to their demands.  Two weeks ago, we attended a scrapbooking holiday workshop and these are what we’ve produced, using our vacation photos to Gold Coast, Australia last year.

Some scrapbooking layouts completed during the workshop.  Not too bad for a first attempt eh?

Last Friday was Gary’s birthday, and my girls had also made birthday cards for him using scrapbooking techniques.

Birthday Card from Eponine
Birthday Card from Edith

This is indeed a very engaging and interesting hobby.  I’m sure it’ll keep my girls busy for many hours on end! 

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