Nani IRO 2016 Fabrics – Arriving Soon in Singapore

Nani IRO 2016 Fabrics – Arriving Soon in Singapore

After a long wait of over two months, Kokka Japan finally updated that our fabrics are shipping out on 13 April and ETA on 20 April!  Yes, they will be available in Singapore soon…yeah!  This lot of new shipment includes our all-time favourite fabrics from Nani IRO, Echino and Kokka.

If you are following us on Facebook and Instagram, you would have seen us taking preorders in February.  Thereafter, we had quickly placed our orders with Kokka, only to be told that some Nani IRO 2016 collections were out of stock and we would need to wait for a month for them to be restocked.  🙁  The one-month wait then extended to two months.  Guess these newly released fabrics were selling like hot cakes and Kokka was unable to meet the huge surge in demand.

If you have never heard of Nani IRO fabrics, then you would have missed laying your hands on the world’s prettiest fabrics!  Nani IRO is a Japanese label designed by Naomi Ito for Kokka Japan.  Her beautiful collections are often seen as art and watercolor still life on fabrics.  Most of these fabrics are made of double gauze, a material that is a signature of Japanese fabrics produced by two layers of gauze that are woven simultaneously on the loom.  Double gauze are known for their light, cool and soft texture, often used for dressmaking and baby blankets.  In fact, I’ve been using double gauze for making tote bags too and they’ve turned out very well.

When we first brought in Nani IRO in August 2015, we were amazed by its demand as over 90% of the designs were sold out within the first month of launch!  Therefore for this new lot of collections, we had decided to take in preorders, to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to own these pretty fabrics.  Who can resist these pretty fabrics???  🙂

Here’s a sneak preview of the gorgeous fabrics we are bringing in:

Nani IRO Beautiful Life
Nani IRO Beautiful Life
Nani IRO Five Senses
Five Senses
Nani IRO Komorebi
Nani IRO Komorebi
Nani IRO Lei Nani
Nani IRO Lei Nani
Nani IRO Birds Eye
Nani IRO Birds Eye
Nani IRO Colourful Pocho
Colourful Pocho
Nani IRO Fuccra Rakuen
Nani IRO Fuccra Rakuen
Nani IRO Fuwari Fuwari
Nani IRO Fuwari Fuwari
Nani IRO Basic Pocho
Basic Pocho

In addition, check out these pretty bias tapes which we are also shipping in.  They are perfect for matching up with the new fabrics!

Nani IRO Bias Tapes (Yunagi)
Bias Tapes (Yunagi)
Nani IRO Bias Tapes (Kurisupu)
Bias Tapes (Kurisupu)
Nani IRO Bias Tapes (shinsei)
Bias Tapes (shinsei)
Nani IRO Bias Tapes (ibuki)
Bias Tapes (ibuki)
Nani IRO Bias Tapes (SHINJU)
Bias Tapes (SHINJU)
Nani IRO Bias Tapes (Bugen)
Bias Tapes (Bugen)

We are counting down to their arrival date!  This long waiting time is too much for us to bear!  LOL.  Cannot wait to have them listed in our Etsy shop for all fans of Japanese fabrics.  Do watch this space for our further updates on their launch date.  We are trying our best to have them listed for sale by end April.

We can still take preorders for these fabric collections and bias tapes.  Email us at for more information.

Note: All images are copyright of Naomi Ito from ATELIER to nani IRO & KOKKA co.,ltd. 

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