My Very Own Quilting Blog….Finally!

Welcome to my first blog post!
I’ve been quilting for the past four years and have been contemplating setting  up a quilting blog for the past year or so.  However, I keep procrastinating due to my lack of time in maintaining a blog and concerns on whether I have enough stuff/ongoing projects to blog about.
I was discouraged for a while as I was attempting machine quilting over the past year but struggling to learn and improve my skills.  Having successfully completed a single bed quilt for Edith after wrestling with the large quilt on my machine for almost one year, I’ve regained my confidence to quilt more and bring my quilting to the next level!  I will share more about my process and experience sewing the single bed quilt for Edith in my next blog post.
I’m now ready to progress from SID using the walking foot to free motion quilting using the darning foot.  With this new resolution to learn and improve my FMQ, I have in mind tons of projects to last me till the end of the year….wall quilts, baby quilts, tote bags etc.  This is why I have to get my blog up and going to document my quilting projects.
Right now, I’m trying to take nice photos of all my completed quilting projects to upload in this blog.  Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “My Very Own Quilting Blog….Finally!

  1. I am excited for you! I have not yet started a quilt blog, and I have serious blog envy! CONGRATS on taking this step. I have become your second follower so that I can follow your progress and enjoy this new beginning with you.

  2. Hi Catskill Quilter

    Thanks for the follow! Yes it’s indeed exciting to have a blog and you should have one soon! Keeps me motivated to quilt daily and share my progress with everyone. :)

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