My New Sewing Corner

I’ve been busy with the renovation of my home over the past week and haven’t found the time to update my blog.  It has been an exciting week as this renovation allows me to finally have my own dedicated sewing corner!  Even though it’s a small area made out of my study room (I’m sharing it with my two girls!), it’s a really a dream come true for me as I’ve been planning for this to happen for the past three years.  Finally, I have an organised space for quilting and sewing! 

Here’s how my new sewing corner looks like.  It looks bare now as I’ve not finished packing and organising it but very soon, my  fabric stash and notions would make their way to their new home! 

Top and bottom cabinets for my sewing and workstation
This is where I will store my fabric stash, books and other notions
Bottom cabinets in my favorite sage green colour
This is my cutting table with ample storage for sewing and craft materials
Check out these vintage door knobs!  Love them!

Will be posting more updates to my blog over the next few weeks as I get my new sewing corner organised.  I will also be shifting my Arrow sewing cabinet into the room once the electrical works are completed. 

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