My New Sewing Corner (Con’td)

Over the past month, I’ve been keeping myself busy organising my new sewing corner and quilting in this beautiful little haven of mine.  Here’s more photos on how it looks now…

My sewing corner with ironing station and Arrow Sewnatra all set up
A closer look at how my sewing station looks like
I love this cottage style glass cabinet where my fabric stash is kept
My fabric stash and craft books all neatly stacked
This is the Arrow Sewnatra sewing cabinet which I had shipped from USA
My sewing corner looks neat and tidy when the Sewnatra is compressed
Not only is it functional, the Sewnatra adds on to the cottage look in my room with its shutter door!

This sewing corner is really a dream come true for me…finally I have my own dedicated corner for quilting and crafting.  Thank God I’ve not been quilting for many years, hence I do not have a huge fabric stash and notions to organise.  In fact, there’s lots of room for more fabric sprees!  🙂  I hope this room would stay as neat as now many years down the road. 

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