My Completed Projects

Sharing some projects that I’ve completed so far.
Baby quilt entitled “Secret Garden” which I made during my Basic Quilting Class in 2008
Christmas star table runner completed in Dec 2009
Buttercup quilted cushion completed in 2009
 Christmas Tree Wall Quilt completed in Dec 2010
My latest completed project in May 2011 – “Scraps of Love”, a single bed quilt which was quilted specially for Edith

5 thoughts on “My Completed Projects

  1. Thank you Stray Stitches. Just visited your blog and you’ve got beautiful projects too! :) Hope that by starting a blog, I’ll be able to keep abreast with my quilting projects and be motivated to quilt more!

  2. Yaay for local quilters! 😉 I share the same beginner quilt project (Quilts & Sew Forth?), but I’m still not done with the borders yet! And the shameful part is that I started on that in late 2006. 😀

    • Hi midnightcrafts!

      Glad to meet another S’porean quilter here! :) They used to be called Quilts & Sew Forth, but Bridgett has moved to Tan Boon Liat Building and renamed her shop to Quilts & Friends. Have you been there yet?

      Haha….you should get the project done asap and move on to others! I’m also guilty of taking years to finish up my quilts! 😛

      Are you in any quilting guild locally? Keep in touch yah? :)


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