Mug Rugs are Near to Completion

I’ve finally finished the appliqued piece for the Two Owls Mug Rug.  What’s left is quilting for the top and binding.  Don’t think I’m going to quilt the top though, I think it looks good as it is!  I should give myself a pat on the back since it’s my first attempt at applique and it didn’t look too bad (I think!).

I’ve also started working on the Winter Birdhouse Mug Rug since yesterday.  This piece is easier to applique as there are less details and shapes and the top is close to completion!  I’m lacking of some embroidery floss for the hand applique, which I will purchase from Spotlight tomorrow.  I’m really glad the embroidery floss from my days of doing cross-stitch are still neatly packed in my thread box, which I could put to good use in my applique projects.

Since winter is over, I’ve decided to adopt a spring theme for this instead.  Hence, colours chosen are basically bright shades of pink, green and purple.  They didn’t look fantastic when pieced together, but I must say the appliqued pieces made a difference!  Love the look of the overall colour combinations.

I’m targeting to have both mug rugs completed by end of the week.  🙂 

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