Mug Rug Swap

Michele from the Quilting Gallery has teamed up with Amanda from The Patchsmith to organise an exciting mug rug swap.  Amanda has designed two super cute mug rug patterns, which participants will receive once their swap registration is approved.

I’ve never had an opportunity to be part of any swaps or exchanges as these are pretty unheard of in Singapore where our quilting market is so small.  Therefore, I’ve just signed up to be part of it!  It’s just so cool to be doing swaps with another quilter living in another part of the world!
My only worry is both patterns involve the use of appliques which I’m very new to.  I’ve not started any applique projects yet as I’m still practicing.  Will take this swap as an opportunity to hone my applique skills!
Looking forward to receiving the patterns!    Please join me in this exciting project!

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