Japanese Fabric Store in Singapore

Japanese Fabric Store in Singapore

I’ve always been in love with Japanese fabrics since I started sewing.  Their designs are too cute and I love the quality of Japanese cottons with their unique weaving.  Kokka, Cosmo, Yuwa…these are some of my favourite Japanese fabric manufacturers.  However, they are so expensive to ship from Japan or elsewhere.  Over in Singapore, it is very difficult to find a good Japanese fabric store and these fabrics are usually too expensive to purchase compared to USA fabrics.

So, for years, I’ve been dreaming of owning my own Japanese fabric store selling all these awesome kawaii fabrics from Japan.  Not only can I fuel my fetish for Japanese fabrics, I’ll also be able to peg a gap in the market by making these fabrics more affordable for other crafters.   In late 2014, I finally got in touch with Kokka Japan on my wholesaling enquiries.  This was followed through with a business trip to Hong Kong in May to meet up with a Kokka representative and to select the fabrics I wish to purchase.  Thank god I’ve also found a like-minded partner for this new business venture!  After a planning which spanned over six months, I’m happy to declare that my Japanese fabric store dream has now become a reality!

On 4 July, my Japanese fabrics from Kokka finally came knocking on my door!

Japanese Fabric Store
Fabrics have finally arrived!
Japanese Fabric Store
Unpacking fabrics from the boxes
Japanese Fabric Store
My little labourers busy at work!
Japanese Fabric Store
Edith busy stacking fabrics on the shelves
Japanese Fabric Store
All fabrics are finally neatly arranged on the shelves!

Getting my hands on these pretty fabrics is really more than a dream come true!  I’ve close to 100 bolts of fabrics shipped, a good number to set up my humble Japanese fabric store.  What’s worth looking out for is my collection of Nani IRO fabrics from Kokka Japan.  Nani IRO is a Japanese label designed by Naomi Ito for Kokka Japan.  Her beautiful collections are often seen as art and watercolor still life on fabrics.  They come in a variety of material such as double gauze cotton, printed canvas and printed twill to suit all your sewing needs.  Kirei desu!

Nani IRO fabrics
My Nani IRO collection

I’ll be launching my fabrics officially in my Etsy store ( on 1 August.  So watch out for it!

Do look out for my blog posts over the next few weeks leading to the launch, as I’ll be sharing some of the kirei and kawaii fabric designs available.  You can also visit my Facebook page at or follow me at Instagram (@the_cotton_shoppe) for more updates.  (Hint: I’ll also be running a pre-launch promotion in Facebook soon, so that’s also something to look forward to!  😉

New Website Update

Our new website featuring our newest and best-selling Japanese fabrics has officially launched since 11 November 2020!  Do check us out at for the best deals and offers! 

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Kokka Fabrics in Singapore
Nani IRO Fabric (Kokka Japan)
Japanese Fabric Store in Singapore
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Japanese Fabric Store in Singapore
Arrival of Kokka Fabrics for my Japanese Fabric Store in Singapore

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