Handphone Cover – Completed!

I’ve completed the “Cell Phone Cuties” today, after working on it for a few weekends. As easy as it seemed, it’s by no means an easy feat for me! This is the first time I attempted a rounded bias binding, took me quite a while to figure that out. But I was really glad it turned out pretty good!
Tried out a pintuck for the first time too, didn’t turn out perfect. But I sort of figured out where it went wrong…will try harder the next time. Other firsts included my attempt in making fabric buttons. I was quite annoyed at first as I couldn’t find the fabric button kit in local craft stores like Spotlight. However, I bought a whole box of 24 buttons at Daiso for $2! Good deal! I envisioned there must be a way to get them done without the kit & finally found some instructions online.  Made a few extras for use in other sewing & craft projects. 
I had wanted to sew buttonholes for the cover strap with the buttons but it was a failure! Just couldn’t sew the buttonholes for some reason. I think it was because the strap was too thick & my machine couldn’t handle that. Well, will try to figure that out & try harder the next time!
But overall, I’m happy with what I’ve got! It’s a tad too huge for my iphone 5 though, think it would fit an S3 or S4 better. Hope to be able to make a few more as gifts for friends & to sell in my newly set up Etsy store. 
What do u think?

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