Mug Rug Swap

Michele from the Quilting Gallery has teamed up with Amanda from The Patchsmith to organise an exciting mug rug swap.  Amanda has designed two super cute mug rug patterns, which participants will receive once their swap registration is approved.

I’ve never had an opportunity to be part of any swaps or exchanges as these are pretty unheard of in Singapore where our quilting market is so small.  Therefore, I’ve just signed up to be part of it!  It’s just so cool to be doing swaps with another quilter living in another part of the world!
My only worry is both patterns involve the use of appliques which I’m very new to.  I’ve not started any applique projects yet as I’m still practicing.  Will take this swap as an opportunity to hone my applique skills!
Looking forward to receiving the patterns!    Please join me in this exciting project!

My First Dressmaking Project – Success!

I’ve been working hard at Project Anna Grace over the past few days. I finally completed it today, faster than I thought!

This really isn’t as hard as I thought. It’s my first dressmaking project, and I’m so proud of myself that it’s a success! It’s not without obstacles though. At the beginning, I had to resew the triangles because I had misinterpreted the instructions! But I’m so glad I managed to overcome the hurdle and got things sorted out. Even some cutting instructions were wrong and I had to readjust the dimensions of the fabrics. Glad this didn’t get in my way too!

Here’s what I had done over the past three days…a pretty little creation fit for a special princess!

Project Anna Grace

I’ve been wanting to stretch my quilting & sewing skills further, and how best to get it done with this darling project for a lucky angel named Anna Grace (aka AG). AG is the 1-year-old princess of my good friend Pearly and I’ve decided to sew a little skirt for her as Christmas present. Found a pretty skirt design in my favourite blog Moda Bake Shop entitled “Banner Day Skirt” which seemed simple enough for my mediocre dressmaking skills.

Hope it can be done in time for Christmas!

Here’s what I’ve sewn so far. The pretty hem for the skirt made up of colourful triangles.

Caterpillar Quilt Top Completed

It’s been a long while since I updated this blog as I’ve been really up to my neck with my new job & Edith’s PSLE.

My Project Caterpillar quilt top was finally completed a few months ago. Couldn’t find the time to progress further till this weekend, when I pushed myself to be on the ball again to get onto the next stage – basting!

To be frank, I dreaded this stage as I was very freaked out by the gigantic size of the quilt. Finished top is an enormous 70″x92″, my biggest quilt so far! I took the plunge anyhow and spent a good 5 hrs basting it this afternoon. Yes, you heard it right…5 hrs! I had it spray basted with the help of Edith & Eponine. They were a true blessing to me as I would not be able to manage this arduous task without their help.

Well I’m very glad I took up this challenge. Here’s how it looks like after basting. Now, on to a greater challenge – machine quilting! I’m not sure how long it would take me, but I will try my best to quilt more regularly, so it can be ready as a pressie for Ponine’s birthday in April 2013. :)

Project Hungry Caterpillar Almost Completed!

In between juggling work, domestic matters and the kids’ exams, I’ve tried my best to find time to work on Project Hungry Caterpillar.  And I’m glad to announce that the quilt top is almost done!  About 95% there so to speak!

Here’s my progress:

These are the two pieced border rows which go onto the top and bottom of the four quilt blocks
This is what I’ve completed so far, with the red inner borders.  It’s so huge the girls had to stand on a chair to hold it up!
I’ve one last step to go before completion of the quilt top : sewing the final 6 1/2″ borders to all four sides of the quilt. Targeting to get them done in two days time!  Yeah…

Four Mini Blocks Completed

I’m slowly progressing in Project Hungry Caterpillar, quilting whenever possible when I have time after work. This is what I’ve completed this week…four beautiful mini blocks of cute caterpillars!The extra fabrics I ordered from have arrived yesterday…yeah! I could proceed to have the extra fabrics cut up after washing them. Keeping fingers crossed I’ll not make any more boo-boos this time!

Four mini blocks pieced together into two rows
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Project Hungry Caterpillar – Progress Report

Project Hungry Caterpillar is progressing and I’m glad to announce that I’m almost 3/4 done!  My progress is not too bad, finding time in between my busy work schedule and the children’s exams to sew.

I’ve no problems putting it all together, only issue is the quilt is getting bigger as I’m sewing and I’ve to cope with the bulk of it!  But it’s definitely exciting to see it all coming together.  The children are so fascinated as they see the quilt nearing completion!

Here’s what I’ve done so far…

Joining the small motif blocks to the huge butterfly panel

Joining the huge caterpillar panel to the small motif blocks
Sewing both panel rows together to form the main huge block

Joining borders to the top and bottom of main huge block