Updates on Hungry Caterpillar Quilt

It has been a long while since I updated my progress of the Hungry Caterpillar quilt. Yes I’m still on it!  Just that I’ve stopped work for quite a while due to other ongoing projects.

I’ve been working hard at it over the past 2 weeks, doing FMQ on the blocks, sashes & borders. I’m at the last lap of sewing the borders now.

It has been an uphill task though, dealing with my machine tension issues once again! This issue has been plaguing me for years, one day I’m on tension 4 & the next day it goes up to 9! I ended up with a 9 currently. It looks way too high but somehow the only setting which doesn’t give me nesting issues at the back of quilt. Oh well…

I’ve been viewing Leah Day’s Craftsy video on FMQ which I’ve subscribed to, to learn new FMQ designs. I love meandering designs but getting sick of it at the same time, so I reckon it’s time to learn something new! If we don’t push or challenge ourselves, then I guess we’ll never progress. It’s not easy though & it gets so demoralising when you see how beautifully & skillfully Leah sews when mine looks like a pile of junk! :( However, after practicing for the past 2 weeks, I must admit that I’ve improved in my quilting with better control now.

Check out what I’ve done so far.  I’ve tried echoing designs, paisley & swirls, among others!

Basic Swirls

Basic Swirls



Echo Shells

Echo Shells

Brain Corals

Brain Corals

My Little Quilter

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been imparting my sewing and quilting skills to Edith, who has lots of time on her hands after the school exams.  I thought a mug rug would be something interesting and easy to start with and she jumped at this idea.  She chose the mistletoe mug rug design which I purchased from Etsy recently.  There’s reasonable piecing involved and appliqued design didn’t seem too tedious for a beginner.

The sewing lessons were seamless and much easier than I imagined!  She didn’t gawk or withdraw in fear at the machine, but picked things up pretty quickly!

This is what she had completed last Sunday afternoon.

Mug rug top

Mug rug top

Mug rug with applique

Mug rug with applique

She’s working on the mistletoe appliques right now, and very soon, we’ll be working on the quilting and binding, which I hope will not prove to be too challenging!

This is such a nice item to make for Christmas, don’t you agree?  :)

Progress for Joys of Christmas Quilt

I’ve been working hard on the Joys of Christmas Quilt and finally finished the quilt top this evening.  This is such a beautiful and fun project to do and definitely one that brings me lots of joy!  I’m surprised how easy it is to put the top all together and how gorgeous it looks when completed.

I’ll be basting it over the next few days.  I may not have time to work on it over the next two weeks due to Ponine’s school exams but will target to have everything completed by end November to be in time for Christmas.

Can’t wait to get it hung up on the wall for Christmas!  :)

Step 1 involves sewing the red diamonds inner borders to the quilt panel
Top and bottom borders pieced to quilt panel consisting of 5 blocks each
The completed quilt top with four strips of borders in various prints

Joys of Christmas Quilt

The time has come again where we are entering into fall and very soon Christmas will come knocking on our doors!  I missed sewing a Christmas project last due to Edith’s PSLE (well, my resolution is to sew a Christmas project every year!).  Therefore, I must stick through to my resolution this year!

Here’s a sneak preview of what I’m sewing for Christmas.  It’s the “Joys of Christmas” wall quilt featuring the “12 Days of Christmas” fabric collection by Anni Downs of Hatched & Patched.

When I first set my eyes on this gorgeous collection months ago, I was absolutely head over heels in love with it!  Primitive Christmas theme + my favourite classic Christmas Carol…what more can I ask for?  The quilt panel is absolutely beautiful!
I’ve started working on this exciting new project since last weekend.  So far, I’ve had all fabrics cut and organised and the stars appliqued onto the respective fabrics.  Piecing starts this weekend and should not take any longer than 2 weeks to complete!
The 5 appliqued squares which will go into the quilt

Snapshot of the “12 Days of Christmas” collection for quilt

Gorgeous quilt panel featuring the 12 Days of Christmas

Completion of Appliqué Coasters

After working hard for the past two weeks, I’ve finally completed the appliqué coasters.  Yeah!

I’ve kept the design plain & simple due to time constraints, as I need to complete them in time. However, I like what I see.  Simplicity is good!  This is a great weekend project for busy professionals like me. Not only is it cute, it’s also pretty easy to sew!
I should be running to the post office to have them mailed out to Ginny in USA over the next 2 days. Hope she likes what I’ve made!











Appliqué Coasters – Near to Completion

I took opportunity of the long weekend over the National Day holidays to catch up on my sewing. Was working hard on the appliqué coasters & they are near completion!

This is such a fun & easy project and I hope to be able to complete them by this weekend. The coasters are reversible, which make them all more meaningful.  I’ve just finished quilting the top & sewing on the borders, which I’ll share in my next posting. 
Here are the completed blocks…

WIP-Appliqué Coasters Swap

I’ve started working on the appliqué coasters swap by The Quilting Gallery and things are looking good so far! Michele just linked us up with our swap partners and mine is Ginny, a great quilter from Texas, USA.  Looking forward to receiving the gorgeous coasters from her!

This is a great swap to be in, cos the coaster pattern is so cute! I’ve just cut up all the appliquéd pieces and ironed them on to the background fabric using the fusible web method. 
Check out the photos below! I’m targeting to finish them up in two weeks time & will update my blog as I progress.