First Etsy Sale

I made my first Etsy sale tonight…woohoo!!! Besides, it’s not just one, but two sales! :) I finally see some light at the end of the tunnel after a month of hard work, which goes to show that perseverance works.

I’ve put up two sets of pretty fabric buttons made using the 12 Days of Christmas fabric collection by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched. There are a total of 12 buttons in each set, each representing the 12 Days of Christmas such as “A partridge in a pear tree”, “Two turtle doves”, “Three French hens” etc. Really cute! I love these buttons to bits as they are made using my favourite Christmas collection.

Now that I’ve sold all my 12 Days of Christmas sets, it’s time to make more for listing! I’ve however used up most of the collection, so it’s also time to purchase more! LOL

There are lots of things that I’ve yet to iron out in my store, such as packaging, marketing, photography etc. However, I know it’s important to take things at a time, because this is a new journey for me and lots of self-discovery along the way. It’s also a process where we as sellers need to know what works and what not, and to refine the processes along the way.


My Etsy Store is Finally Live!

I’ve been terribly busy setting up my long awaited Etsy Store.  This venture has been constantly on my mind since 2 years ago and I finally decided that there’s no reason for procrastination…just do it!  The name of my new store is “The Cotton Shoppe”. 

The basic setup has been completed but there’s lots more to do.  Things like listing more items for sale, photography of my craft items and sorting out my crafts for sale etc.  Guess it would take a while before everything can be sorted out.

I think I’m getting disorganised here as I’ve not even figured out how I’m going to package my items.  I’m starting with small items first, and hope to add on other handmade crafts over the next few weeks.  Some products I expect to sell include the following:

1. Fabric buttons
2. Bags
3. Stuffed toys
4. Mug Rugs
5. Small quilt items eg coasters, cushion covers
6. Craft supplies

My Etsy store and Facebook page can be found as follows.  Pls favourite and like my pages as I’m just starting out and need lots of support!  :)

I’m also in the process of transferring my blogspot account to WordPress for more flexibility.  Have just registered for a new domain at  Having some technical issues now which I really do hope to sort out in the next few days.

Some items I have for sale currently:

22mm (0.87 inch) Fabric Buttons / Covered Buttons (Set of 6)
 18mm (0.71 inch) Fabric Buttons / Covered Buttons (Set of 6)
22mm (0.87 inch) Fabric Buttons / Covered Buttons (Set of 6)
38mm (1.5 inch) Fabric Buttons / Covered Buttons (Set of 5)
Hand Quilted Square Coasters 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ (set of 4)