WIP-Appliqué Coasters Swap

I’ve started working on the appliqué coasters swap by The Quilting Gallery and things are looking good so far! Michele just linked us up with our swap partners and mine is Ginny, a great quilter from Texas, USA.  Looking forward to receiving the gorgeous coasters from her!

This is a great swap to be in, cos the coaster pattern is so cute! I’ve just cut up all the appliquéd pieces and ironed them on to the background fabric using the fusible web method. 
Check out the photos below! I’m targeting to finish them up in two weeks time & will update my blog as I progress. 

Applique Coaster Swap

The Quilting Gallery is organising yet another exciting quilt swap.  This time, it’s a swap for four beautiful reversible coasters entitled “The Little Buddy coasters”.  I’ve just signed up, and hope everyone joins me too!

The coasters finish at 5″ squared and are designed by Vicki Ruebel from the Quilting Lodge exclusively for this swap.

For more information and registration details, check out http://quiltinggallery.com/quilters-fun/applique-coasters-swap/. 

Stay tuned to my blog for updates!  :)

Applique Coasters Swap

Mug Rugs are Completed!

Yeah….after a few weeks of working on my mug rugs, they are finally completed and will be on their way to my swap partner tomorrow!  My partner is a lady from Australia and I do hope she likes them.  I’ve been too bogged down with work and kids lately, had it not been Gary lending his hands to do the finishing touches (ie binding), I may not be able to make it for the deadline!  Thank you darling!  :)

I should give myself a pat on the back, this being my first try in doing appliques, and I think they didn’t look too bad!  I do hope to try out machine applique sometime soon….if I could find the time to practice.

Here’s my final “masterpieces”:

Two Owls Mug Rug
Winter Birdhouse Mug Rug

I’ve not received my mug rugs but I do hope I get them soon….it’s so exciting!

Mug Rugs are Near to Completion

I’ve finally finished the appliqued piece for the Two Owls Mug Rug.  What’s left is quilting for the top and binding.  Don’t think I’m going to quilt the top though, I think it looks good as it is!  I should give myself a pat on the back since it’s my first attempt at applique and it didn’t look too bad (I think!).

I’ve also started working on the Winter Birdhouse Mug Rug since yesterday.  This piece is easier to applique as there are less details and shapes and the top is close to completion!  I’m lacking of some embroidery floss for the hand applique, which I will purchase from Spotlight tomorrow.  I’m really glad the embroidery floss from my days of doing cross-stitch are still neatly packed in my thread box, which I could put to good use in my applique projects.

Since winter is over, I’ve decided to adopt a spring theme for this instead.  Hence, colours chosen are basically bright shades of pink, green and purple.  They didn’t look fantastic when pieced together, but I must say the appliqued pieces made a difference!  Love the look of the overall colour combinations.

I’m targeting to have both mug rugs completed by end of the week.  :)

Mug Rug is taking shape!

It’s been a crazy period for me & I was struggling to find time to start on the first mug rug. Managed to kick start the two owls project this week & progress has been good so far. Targeting to finish doing the appliqués by tonight.

I chose to hand appliqué the shapes as machine appliqué is really freaking me out! There’s no time to fight with the machine over this & hand appliqué should work just fine. After all, this is my first appliqué project. Shapes are appliquéd using Heat n Bond fusible web.

I have three more weeks to complete both projects & praying hard that I can meet the deadline.

Here’s what I’ve done so far.

Mug Rug Swap

Michele from the Quilting Gallery has teamed up with Amanda from The Patchsmith to organise an exciting mug rug swap.  Amanda has designed two super cute mug rug patterns, which participants will receive once their swap registration is approved.

I’ve never had an opportunity to be part of any swaps or exchanges as these are pretty unheard of in Singapore where our quilting market is so small.  Therefore, I’ve just signed up to be part of it!  It’s just so cool to be doing swaps with another quilter living in another part of the world!
My only worry is both patterns involve the use of appliques which I’m very new to.  I’ve not started any applique projects yet as I’m still practicing.  Will take this swap as an opportunity to hone my applique skills!
Looking forward to receiving the patterns!    Please join me in this exciting project!