This site is dedicated to all who love quilting and crafts.  It chronicles my journey in quilting and crafting, with regular updates on what I’m up to.

My journey started in 2007 when I bought my new home.  I wanted to have a country-style home that is warm and inviting.  That was when I started to look around for home decor items that would create my dream home.  After researching into country-style homes, I realised that there is a common trait shared by all…the use of quilts to create a cosy feel.  Being in Singapore where quilters are far and rare, I had a hard time finding good quality quilts for my new home.  When I finally found a quilt shop in Suntec City, I was dismayed to find that a king-size quilt costs over $800!

living room
My warm and inviting living room
craft room, sewing room, quilt room
My beautiful craft room

I was then thinking to myself, “Hey, why not pick up a new skill & sew it myself?”.  I went on my next task of finding a local quilt shop and was pleasantly surprised to find a quaint little one at Aliwal Street.  I spoke to Bridgette Lee (owner of the shop) who conducts beginner quilting classes and immediately signed up on the spot!  I have to admit it was an impulsive decision back then as I was too carried away by my excitement.  Not only had I not sewn for more than 15 years, I didn’t even have a sewing machine and sewing notions to start with!  My confidence then was ground zero and I could remember vividly how my hands trembled as I touched the sewing machine during my first lesson!

I was determined though to play along with my “bad” decision, since I had paid over a $100 for the class and I wanted to have that quilt for my country home.  From that “hand-trembling” and “nerve-wreaking” lesson, there was no looking back since.  I sewed a 6-block beginners quilt during the class which is still my favourite quilt to date.  Since then, I had quilted other items like bed quilts, wall quilts, cushions, table runners and more.

Baby Quilt
First Baby Quilt
sewing room, craft room, quilt room
At work on a wall quilt

I started to make small gifts for friends during their birthdays and special occasions and most were amazed by what I had produced.  Some good friends started to urge me to sell my crafts online but I was skeptical as I knew that there is little support for handmade crafts in Singapore.  My excuse?  “Too busy with kids & work”, “No time!” etc.

I discovered Etsy in 2009 as I was searching for vintage collectibles for my home (yes, I’m a collector!).  That was when I realised that it’s a marketplace where crafters market their handmade creations.  I didn’t start my store then but frequented it mainly to buy decor items for my home.

Over the past two years, the idea of having my own handmade store “haunts” me from time to time.  It also coincided with a period where I was highly stressed by my day job and family commitment and felt that nothing is working for me.  Over time, I realised that the element missing from my life is passion – the lost opportunity of doing something I enjoy.  This passion is not just about doing something I love, but the ability to share my creations with people out there.

It brought about the birth of “The Cotton Shoppe” in Etsy on 21 September 2013.

owl plushie, craft, sewing
Stuffing for owl plushie

Hand applique, Christmas mug rug, sewing, craft
Hand applique for Christmas mug rug

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